While a median ATAR is one measure of success, we all know countless stories of our students achieving their personal best, contributing many hours of service for others and engaging in all areas of Wesley鈥檚 Co-curricular program. Looking through individual results, we are so proud of the countless examples of students who exceeded expectations through sheer hard work and commitment.


Our academic results are possible because teaching and learning at Wesley is based on the following principles:

  • We support each student to achieve their best possible success, by knowing each child, respecting difference, meeting individual needs, providing support and challenge, and making appropriate adjustments to teaching and learning.
  • We know that relationships are key.聽Teachers-student relationships, our pastoral care system and teacher-parent partnerships, are central to supporting student wellbeing and belonging so that students are ready to learn.
  • We intentionally design curriculum. Courses and units are based on specific learning goals as directed by the Western Australian curriculum, and underpinned by the Wesley Capabilities of critical thinking, creativity, commitment, communication, collaboration, citizenship and continuous improvement.
  • We intentionally plan teaching and learning using a balance of explicit instruction and inquiry approaches. Teachers are deliberate and responsive in their application of teaching strategies, resources, technologies, and assessment.
  • We provide timely and effective feedback to students, and support students in acting upon feedback. Teachers provide students with information about what they know, understand and can do, and what they are ready to learn next. They also ensure that students have a chance to build on the feedback, put it into practice, or reflect on how it can improve their work.
  • We are informed by research, experience, and context. In order to make informed decisions, we triangulate the best available evidence with teacher expertise, knowledge of our students, and our rich tradition and history as a College.
  • We collaborate to improve student achievement. Structured, evidence-based and purposeful professional collaboration, in which we interrogate and evaluate data, allows us to positively impact on student learning outcomes.