Penrhos College and 小草影院 have enjoyed a brother-sister relationship for many years – sharing a substantial number of families across the day and boarding schools, thanks to our close proximity.

It’s more than just the convenient distance though. Both Colleges are linked by the Uniting Church and committed to the education of the whole student: mind, heart, body and spirit in an environment where expectations are high and personal best is the goal.

Naturally, we each retain the independent identities of each of our Colleges (Penrhos as a single-sex PK to 12 girls school and Wesley as co-educational PK to 6 and boys only 7 to 12) but we create regular opportunities for our Colleges to collaborate for the benefit of families, staff and most importantly, our students.

This includes teaming up for such activities and events as Music and Drama performances, year level socials, Mathematics enrichment activities and more.

We celebrate these opportunities to provide excellence in the single-sex independent context, while capitalising on the best of co-educational collaboration.